KAYO A6L Automaticni SMD pick&place stroj


Automatic inline pick&place machine of SMD-components on the surface of printed circuit boards of various sizes

KAYO A6L Catalogue

System features:

The presence of four cameras to recognize and pick&place the components at high speed;  
Use high quality and durable nozzles JUKI;     
High speed and accuracy of pick&place of components;     

Built-in high performance and energy-saving vacuum system



Number of feeders 8 mm 60 pieces
Feeders:   8/12/16/24/32 mm, vibration feeders
Number of mounting heads: 6 pieces
Mounting accuracy: ±60 μm (3σ)
Drivers: servomotors Panasonic + ball screw + X/Y linear guides
Video recognition: synchronous on 6 heads
Modes: manual, semi-automatic, automatic
Max placement speed: 13000 comp/hour
Actual placement speed: 6000 - 7000 comp/hour
Max axis movement Z: 20 mm
Max dimensions of the PCB: 650х370 mm
Mounted components: from 0402 to 45х45 mm, LED, QFP, BGA, step outputs ≥ 0,5 mm
Max component height (Z): 5,5 mm
Monitors: 15"
OS: Windows
Programming: data conversion, step by step, visual
Power supply: 1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz, 600 W
Pneumatic pressure: 5 - 6 Bar
Machine dimensions: 1335x1230x1420 mm
Machine weight: 500 kg
Quick release connector: Ø 10 mm