ALD 7720S i3D Inline AOI



  • i3D technology
  • High-speed camera with telecentric lens
  • Extremely low FA rate, high FPY, and no escapes
  • 100% inspection coverage
  • Ideal for inspecting 0201 and 01005 components, 0.3 mm pitch
  • Debug-free OCR algorithms
  • Fast and accurate inspection
  • Shadow-free, warpage-free solution, insensitive to board color
  • Fast programming, intuitive user interface
  • Effective quality verification
  • Process control for defect prevention
  • High MTBF, low maintenance cost



The ALD7720S is a high speed inline AOI system utilizing state-of-art i3D technology
powered by a high-speed telecentric camera and a newly designed G5 multidirectional
LED lighting module. While further enhancing all the features of the previous models and
preserving their advantages, ALD7720S introduces a number of new features and
improvements, which take the level of performance and ease-of-use to new heights.
These new features include a new and powerful debug-free OCR function, which is
capable of reading the full range of component marks on a variety of materials without
requiring additional study or adjustment.

The system is designed to inspect the most complicated and challenging PCB assemblies
with no escapes, and at a very low false alarm rate. High-level technical skills are not
required for the development of a top-quality program; easy, transparent and straightforward
programming allows achieving the best performance within a short time.

Similarly to all ALD models, the ALD7720S boasts a vast range of capabilities, and is
designed to overcome all PCB inspection challenges, including shadows, various component
colors, transparency, board warpage and many more. The system also provides support
for offline programming and debugging. Integrated barcode reading, various traceability
options, software process controls and additional features are also available. The repair
station delivers a clear image of the defect as well as an image of a good sample, to allow
quick verification and to prevent operator errors.


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