X5600 Offline Industrijska rendgenska oprema

X5600 is a small precise microfocus X-Ray inspection equipment, suitable for R&D enterprises, laboratories, quality inspection rooms, etc. It is the first choice for X-Ray inspection equipment of small parts. 

IC chip X-ray inspection machine is a piece of non-destructive testing equipment especially for prospective testing of internal defects of IC chips. It is one of the best ways to detect defects of IC chips. The X-ray detection equipment mainly relies on the internal X-ray tube to emit X-rays to irradiate the IC chip for imaging. After the X-rays penetrate the object, the digital tablet receives the image signal and then transmits it to the computer. After software processing, it will image in real-time on the screen. X-ray testing belongs to the category of nondestructive testing for IC chips. The tested samples can be put into use again, which can effectively save the production and inspection cost.

Functions of X5600 Offline X-ray Inspection Machine

  • Automatic Void Ratio Calculation
    00 Automatic Void Ratio Calculation

    Enhanced BGA inspection function

    X5600 industrial X-ray inspection machine can quickly select and mark a single solder ball, or select the solder balls to be inspected by matrix box; it can manually or automatically identify BGA solder balls and complete the inspection. Follow the system guidelines to easily complete the inspection process and ensure accurate and reliable inspection results.


  • Size Measurement
    01 Size Measurement

    Measuring tools

    Distance, distance ratio, lines distance, angle, arrow mark, circle radius, point distance, circle centres distance, circumference, hand-drawn polygon, hand-drawn freeform, etc. can add a text description.

  • Defect Inspection
    02 Defect Inspection
    • Automatically detect defects

    X5600 can automatically detect the size, area, broken wire, bridging, etc.


    • Customizable image algorithm

    Customerized software algorithms based on product features and request to achieve fully automatic defect inspection algorithms, including Y/N, crack, broken wire, offset size, and quantity, etc.

  • CNC Inspection
    03 CNC Inspection
    • CNC automatic operation inspection

    X5600 supports CNC multi-point automatic inspection mode, based on product feature set multi-point coordinates for automatic inspection.


    • The automatic CNC operation detection

    Automatically save images, generate reports, also support batch inspection.

  • Tilt/Rotate Function
    04 Tilt/Rotate Function
    • Tilt angle inspection function

    The X5600 detector produced by Zhuomao supports a tilt angle of ±30°. For cases where the photo taken on the front of a special device cannot identify the defect feature, the tilt function can be used to observe the device features at multiple angles, making it easier to analyze and identify the defect.


    • 360° Rotating photo inspection function

    Equipped with a rotating manipulator that can rotate 360 degrees to take images, no dead angle for defects observation.

    Advantages of X5600 Offline X-ray Inspection Machine

    • Miniaturized equipment, easy to install and operate.

    • Applicable to Chip, LED, BGA/CSP, Wafer, SOP/QFN, SMT and PTU packaging, Sensors, Connectors, and Precision Castings inspection.

    • High resolution design to get the best image in a very short time.

    • Infrared automatic navigation and positioning function can select the shooting location quickly.

    • CNC inspection mode which can quickly and automatically inspect multi-point array.

    • Inclined multi-angle inspection makes it easier to inspect sample defects.

    • Simple softwareoperation, low operating costs.

    • Long lifespan.


    Specification of X5600 Offline X-ray Inspection Machine



    X-Ray Tube Source Specification
    Type Sealed Micro-Focus X-Ray Tube
    voltage Range 40-90KV
    current Range 10-200 μA
    Max Output Power 8 W
    Micro Focus Spot Size 15μm


    Flat Panel Detector Specification
    Type TFT Industrial Dynamic FPD
    Pixel Matrix 768×768
    Field of View 65mm×65mm
    Resolution 5.8Lp/mm
    Frame(1×1) 40fps
    A/D Conversion Bit 16bits


    Dimensions L850mm×W1000mm×H1700mm
    Input Power 220V  10A/110V  15A  50-60HZ
    Max Sample Size 280mm×320mm
    Control System Industrial PC WIN7/ WIN10 64bits
    Net Weight About 750KG

    Safety Considerations of X5600 Offline X-ray Inspection Machine


    Obtained an exemption record from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China

    The X5600 obtained the certification document (sixth batch) for the exemption record of radioisotope and ray device of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, with the record number [Yuehuan [2018] No. 1688]. The radiation device using this product model of our company can be exempted from the radiation safety license.


    Safety Protection Design

    According to the "Ionizing Radiation Protection and Radiation Source Safety Basic Standards" (GB18871-2002), the radiation protection exemption standard is ≤1uSv/h, the design standard of this product is ≤0.5uSv/h, it is equivalent to 1/10 of the amount of radiation in the natural environment.


    Components Multiple Safety Protection

    Equipped with OMRON's safety control element, triple safety protection sensor, and direct connection control method with ray source, it fully complies with CE specifications and SEMI S2/S8 specifications of the semiconductor industry.

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