X6600 Offline Industrijska rendgenska oprema

X6600/X6600B is a cost-effective general-purpose offline precision microfocus X-Ray inspection equipment. It is suitable for the inspection of various factory offline products. This AXI inspection machine has the characteristics of high magnification, multi-angle inspection, and a large-area inspection platform.

Features of X6600/6600B Offline X-ray Inspection Machine

  • Meet the needs of the general industrial X-ray machine and have a wide range of applications.

  • A high-resolution design can obtain the best image in a very short time.

  • Infrared automatic navigation and positioning, quickly select the shooting location.

  • CNC detection mode, fast automatic detection for multi-point array.

  • Oblique multi-angle inspection makes it easier to detect sample defects.

  • Software operation developed by manufacturer is simple and easy to use, low operating cost.

  • The X-ray tube and FDP can be rotated at the same time (0-60°), making the detection image more clear and intuitive.


    Specification of X6600 Offline X-Ray Inspection Machine


    X-Ray Tube Source Specification
    Type Sealed Micro-Focus X-Ray Tube
    Voltage 90 KV/130KV
    Operating Voltage Range 40-90KV/130KV
    Operating Current Range 10-200 μA/300μA
    Max Output Power 8 W/39W
    Micro Focus Spot Size 5-15μm


    Flat Panel Detector Specification
    Type TFT Industrial Dynamic FPD
    Pixel Matrix 1536×1536
    Field of View 130mm×130mm
    Resolution 5.8Lp/mm
    Frame(1×1) 20fps
    A/D Conversion Bit 16bits


    Dimensions L1360mm×W1240mm×H1700mm
    Input Power 230V  10A  50HZ
    Max Sample Size 540 mm×440mm
    Control System Industrial PC WIN10 64bits
    Net Weight Approx  1170KG
    Radiation <1μSv/h
    Max Tilt Angle 65 degree