Maker-Ray AIS40X-HW 2D AOI sa AI

AIS401-HW 2D AOI sa AI

1、High-precision high-speed camera lens
2、AI algorithm one-click search for components, intelligent parameter matching, and fast programming
3、Wrong material control: OCR recognition algorithm detects silk screen characters
4、Inspect wrong and absent for black component on balck board
5、Apply pre and post reflow oven to inspect defects for SMD and soldering

1、Core Advantages:Apply AI deep learning algorithm
2、one-click automatic identification of components and solder joints:Auto search chip to generate component boxes, auto give parameters (offset, OCR, absent parts, etc.) to inspect defects
3、Intelligent OCR recognition algorithm reach higher inspection accuracy
4、Inspect polarity in black component :achieve the polarity inspection by deep learning algorithm torecognize the feature
5、Apply AI inspection algorithm to accurately identify the solder balls and splash to avoid the interference of complex backgrounds


Category Item   AIS401
PCBA specification Size 50x50mm~510*460mm
(Large board mode:50*50-690*460mm)
Thickness 0.5mm-6mm
Height of elements Top:25mm, Bottom: 80mm
Processing edge 3mm
Optical specification Camera  5MP,color
Optical source RGB + W four color integral light source
FOV 36*30mm
Resolution ratio 15um
Inspection-related function Components Absent, reversed, mis-alignment, broken, extra,foreign matter,stained, etc.
Solder Insufficient solder,excessive solder,bridging,pseudo solder etc.
Other function Bar code Recognition / QR code Recognition/ OCR 
Mixing boards inspection Yes,Support calling program automatically
Algorithm CNN, color contrast, outline recognition, Offset inspection, template matching, character comparison, OCR ,etc.
Speed 0.23sec/FOV
Software system Operating system Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit
Function Remote control, remote assistance, CAD file import and user-defined model training
Communication method Standard SMEMA interface
Data output Autogenerated statistic analysis SPC
Special function Automatic search of elements and quick programming
Hardware specification Industrial control host CPU: intel i5
Display card: NVIDIA GTX1050Ti
Memory: 32G DDR4, 240G SSD+2T Mechanical Hard Disk
Network: 1000M Wired Network Card 
Display 23.8 inch FHD display
Motion mechanism High precision lead screw + servo motor
Rail width control Manual/auto
Appearance/electric Dimention and weight  (L*H*W)1015*1512*1129mm,net weight:660Kg
Power supply and power AC 230V, rated power 380W
Air source 0.4-0.6Mpa
Work environment Temperature:10~45℃, Humidity: 30~85%RH