VIKING DC-1 ESD series small desktop dry cabinets

DC-1 ESD series small desktop dry cabinets

DC ESD series dry storage cabinet is a line of special equipment designed to provide ultra-low ranges of relative humidity, which is necessary for handling moisture-sensitive components and materials including precision metal parts, printed circuit boards, plates, nano fibers, cassettes, laboratory samples, electronic modules.


All DC ESD series cabinets produced only in antistatic (ESD) version, in strict compliance with ESD safety regulations of IEC 61340-5-1. 

For dry storage cabinets we use only specific ESD glass with conductive surface (conductivity 103 -105 Ohm). All the shelves and horizontal surfaces of the cabinet are grounded and ESD coating of all metal elements is applied. DC-1 cabinets are supplied in a set with one middle shortened shelf. 



DC-1 ESD dry storage cabinets are equipped with RS-232 ports that allows data collection. One should simply connect DC dry cabinet to a computer using standard cable.

VIKING dry cabinets can be operated remotely via VIKING Humidity manager software - a user-friendly software that helps the operator to be aware of the storage conditions; records dry cabinet data and allows checking the graphs over a period of time.

DC series cabinets feature humidity & temperature display with parameter value input on easy-to-operate three buttons digital control LSD panel.

Humidity and temperature monitoring is performed by the built-in precision sensor with digital interface, processor and LCD display. Monitoring is performed by a sensor, based on CMOS technology, each sensor is being factory calibrated prior to installation.


Technical data

Parameter Value
Dimensions, W×H×D, mm 600×737×640 (calculated without light column)
Volume, liters 238
Number of sections 1
Number of shelves* 1 lower shelf - bottom of the section
1 shortened shelf  in a set
1 additional shortened shelf on request
Load capacity, kg up to 55
Max. dimensions of units to store Width up to 500 mm
Heights up to 510 mm
Depth up to 570 mm**
Humidity range 1 - 50%


Absorption of moisture automatically regenerated absorbent (Zeolite)
Desiccation time (50% to 1 % RH) less or equal to 1 h 40 min
Recovery to <5% RH*** less or equal to 8 min
Door alarm integrated
Max. power consumption 210-240 watt-hour in regeneration phase, 20-30 watt-hour in storage phase
Supply voltage 220±22 
IP protection class IP 55
Weight, kg 60

* Recommended number. More shelves available on request 
**Separate numbers for each dimension
*** After 10 sec door opening